Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8+ months in one post…maybe two

So much has happened in the last 8 months. I’m sad I haven’t been diligent about recording it all. Instead of trying to go back in detail and miss out on recording all that’s happening in the present, I’m just going to just cram it all in one or two posts with lots of pictures and limited explanation. Sound good? So I had Margot and then…

I turned 30! It was very low key with lots of presents and not much going out. Just having had Margot, Stephen knew how to make it special. (I was too ambitious with my 30 before 30. Turns out growing and birthing a baby was more consuming than a thought. Who knew? I’ll just have to keep picking away.)


We bought a house back in Seattle!


Beck turned two! We had a little party to celebrate him and take funny pictures of our Chicago friends we would miss so much.

Beck composite



Our sweet family visited and helped celebrate Margot’s baby blessing… (pictures courtesy of my sister-in-law)


DSC_0315  DSC_0339

and Stephen’s MBA graduation from Kellogg. I was really proud of him. It was a demanding but sweet two years. Stephen worked tirelessly to balance our growing family with recruiting, school and social opportunities. He did it all with such grace. (Thanks again to Liz for the pictures.)


Not Margot’s best look but we’re all there!


After graduation we said goodbye to good friends…


and made the bittersweet move from this place we loved…


To this place, we also really love.



That takes us to about July. August, September and October will have to wait until I can snag the pictures from Stephen. Then…all caught just in time for the holidays. Smile


Lindy & Trever said...

So fun to see pictures and read a post from you. Wishing I would have taken some pics with all of you, maybe this May. We miss you!

Krista said...

excellent recap! :) Your house looks so beautiful.

Alice said...

What a cute house. I bet you have an actual yard!

elizabeth said...

So glad you posted! I've been waiting! :)

Jessie said...

I'm way behind on our blog too! Life just gets so busy. Looks like things are going well for you guys. Baby Margot is just darling! Congrats on the house! (Where exactly?) How's Stephen liking Adobe? I'd love to hear more!! We need to catch up :)

Chad & Keira said...

Cute, cute house! Didn't know you guys went to Seattle! Cute baby too :)

ashley said...

Your house is adorable! Sure miss you all and your cute kids!