Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The last couple of weeks…


We spent Thanksgiving in Seattle where, much to my surprise, it snowed…while it was 60 something at home in Chicago. Who knew?

My days were spent sewing with my mom and sister, sleeping in (thanks to my mom), praying my sister would have her baby before I left (she didn’t) and planning and preparing our Thanksgiving feast. My family was kind enough to let me plan the menu and delegate assignments. I had so much fun. Each year we have our staple recipes that cannot be changed like the rolls, mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney and pumpkin pie but everything else is up for experiment. This year we did a spicy theme with Roasted Turkey Rubbed with Roasted Jalapeno, Fresh Sage and Orange Butter, Sausage Apricot and Sage Stuffing and Spicy Sweet Potatoes. We tried this brussels sprouts recipe and although I usually hate brussels sprouts I LOVED this. I tried this lemon pie for the first time. It was very easy, as promised, and seemed to be a big hit.

While my mom and I cooked the guys did this…


…and although it’s possible they are doing something really important my money is on an Angry Birds high score comparison, while taking a break from their Lord of the Rings marathon. Zzzzzz……(I’ll admit I was slightly more interested in the saga this time around. Slightly.)

Beck, on the other hand, decided to join the ladies in the kitchen, helping grandma make the rolls…



The final result was a Thanksgiving feast declared “the best Thanksgiving menu we’ve ever had” by my sister. WoooHooo! It looks like Beck agreed…


Truthfully, Beck hardly ate anything. He did try the stuffing and sweet potatoes and one bite of turkey. Otherwise, it was all about the rolls and mashed potatoes. And the pumpkin pie. Beck hasn’t had much sugar during his short life. Since he hasn’t been that interested I figured I would postpone it as long as possible but I wasn’t about to deprive him of my mom’s (or grandmother’s?) pumpkin pie. It really is above and beyond other pumpkin pie recipes. It has converted more than one person who was anti-pumpkin pie. It has been my favorite since my dad chose it as my 1st birthday cake. Beck. went. nuts. After that first taste, every other word was pie and I was happy to oblige. There’s nothing better than pumpkin pie for breakfast.

We have a short stay here in Chicagoland before we head to Mesa for Christmas with the Nielsons complete with a stay at the cabin, lots of cousins to play with, family reunion parties, temple lights…we can’t wait!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The boat tour





We hit the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour this weekend. It was cold but so beautiful and since we took a late afternoon tour it was perfect lighting for Stephen to take some really beautiful pictures. I love this city. I get a little knot in my stomach when I think about leaving. It makes me want to really take it in with the time we have left.

The 30 something degree temps on the boat reminded me that it’s November. November! With holiday traveling I only have three more weeks left in Chicagoland this year. And then, since my midwife told me to be ready for my baby girl by 35 weeks (due to Beck’s early arrival) that means I only have 3 more weeks once I get home from Christmas in Arizona. Of course, I’m hoping I have more time but still…time is flying.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

And we’re walking….

It’s been a longer road than expected but Beck is walking! It’s still not his chosen mode of transportation but it’s more than a step here and there so, we’re calling it. (It’s only because this is such an important event that I’m posting this video with me in the background looking lazy-Sunday-afternoon fabulous!)