Friday, February 26, 2010

Visit from GrandmaLeta

My beautiful mom paid a visit…



And this little guy turned 9 months…


My mom’s visit and an invite from friends prompted us to finally capture our long overdue pictures with the bean…


and a family stroll downtown.


Other highlights included fabric shopping, lots of Ticket to Ride with the Olympics in the background, Homemade pizza, Beck cutting 4 teeth in a matter of days, my mom’s endless help with Beck and our house and of course the infinite supply of dark chocolate M&Ms that always accompanies my mom. We were so sad to see her go. So sad that we decided to book a trip in 3 weeks to go see Stephen’s sister in San Diego and then over to see the rest of our family in Arizona. Oh, did I mention we’ll be going to Disneyland? WhoooHoooo!! I love impulse buys when they include vacations and roller coasters and warm temps! Speaking of warmer temps, sun, CA, AZ, etc….am I the same color as my coat? Wow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lunch Date


Beck had a lunch date today with Jane. At first it went pretty well. They were smiling at each other, etc…and then Beck yelled in her face. She wasn’t a fan. We’ll work on our inside voices…and the hair. Today a lady at the store said his head looked like a dandelion. Nice.

Ok, I went a little…nuts


I bought a few sewing patterns. Ok, I went on a sewing pattern binge. The loot:

  • 13 dress patterns
  • 4 skirt patterns
  • 4 jacket/coat patterns
  • 4 top/blouse patterns
  • 2 home/craft patterns

But at 99 cents a piece, can you really blame me? What a steal! Thank you Hancock Fabrics! I’ve decided now is definitely the time to finally dive into sewing the way I’ve always wanted and finally put all those sewing classes to good use. I quit my sewing classes while I was pregnant with Beck but now that he’s here and we’ve moved and all the other excuses are out of the way I’m so excited to get started. Plus, I live within walking distance of Vogue Fabrics. I realize even just one of these patterns represents probably hours of sewing, messing up, ripping out, re-sewing and repeating. There will probably be many frustrations but the little bit that I have sewn has been so rewarding, I think it will be worth it. Now all I need is my mom here next week (yay!) to wrap me in duct tape for my dress form and I’m off! I’ll be sure and share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Mug Time

Beck is excited.


You want to know why? Dad’s not doing consulting-which means he won’t be traveling all week-which means he will get a ton more time with this irresistible mug in the next couple of years. I am also very excited as this means there will be a lot more husband-wife time. WhoooHoooo! (Here are a bunch of pictures, just because.)