Monday, December 13, 2010

A Chicago Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary Stephen and I left Beck with a brave friend and took the L into the city for dinner, a show and a night of uninterrupted sleep with no wake up call. It. was. bliss. Everything exceeded my expectations. I think we were trying to make up for our lame Thai-takeout-at-home 2nd anniversary. Mission accomplished.

Are you ready for some truly awful pictures of an otherwise perfect night out with my love?

The ride…


The show…



A walk…


The hotel…


The view…




In a nutshell…


Friday, December 3, 2010

30 Before 30: Bedding for Baby Nephew, Jude



An Urban Circus bumper for my sister’s first peanut, due any day. I wish I could be there…

I used this fabric, these bumper inserts and the enclosed directions. I didn’t have the patience to assemble all of those ties, so I just used premade bias tape, finishing the edges to hopefully make it more durable. I can’t wait to see it their crib when it’s set up. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s official…


photo credit

The offer is signed, sealed, delivered! Stephen has accepted a position with Adobe as a product manager for Photoshop. And….WE’RE MOVING BACK TO SEATTLE!!!! First of all, I really couldn’t have dreamed up a better job for Stephen. Photography is a great love of his and now his hobby will be closely intertwined with his job. He LOVES the Photoshop products and loved all the people he worked with this summer for his internship so…in a nutshell, all signs point to a happy Stephen. PLUS…we get to go back to Seattle which is really a dream for both of us. I’m so proud of Stephen’s unrelenting efforts to find the best opportunity for his career and our family. For at least the past year and a half he has been constantly networking and researching potential opportunities. Despite his great internship and subsequent offer, he put everything into recruiting this fall to make sure he was leaving no stone unturned. I’m so glad this was the outcome and so grateful to Adobe for letting us move home. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3 years ago today…






…it was confirmed to me that our Heavenly Father blesses us way beyond the capabilities of our small imaginations. Maybe not right when and how we want but always much better than we thought. I remember, especially during our engagement, being overcome with gratitude on a daily basis that I was going to have the privilege of being Stephen’s wife. I knew I had scored in a big way. Never had I imagined someone so kind, so generous, so optimistic and so happy to be living this wonderful life. He was good, righteous and sincere and made no apologies for that. I knew he would do nothing but love and care for me with loyalty, humility, patience, understanding and a sense of humor perfectly matched to mine. I knew he would be a patient father slow to temper and quick to be involved – to show love and to work as a team. I knew a life with him would be fun, happy and full of righteous pursuits. My expectations have been far exceeded. I truly am humbled to get to call him my husband.

Happy Anniversary, Stephen!